Saturday, March 16, 2013


Your Privacy Policy

Custumers privacy policy are very important to us. We always protect custumers privacy and not sell or give to the third parties.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon as the third party website. All the product at our site are just review to custumers. If custumer interested at the product, custumers will take to amazon and buy with amazon site. When you arrive to amazon site, custumers can read again the amazon privacy policy.

Collect Your Information

Personal information that our site collect are name, email, address and telephone. THis use for administrator.

When you want to buy at our site and you agree to email us your personal information to our email address. But we never ask your personal inforamtion, Because if you want to buy our product, you will direct to amazon site and amazon will ask for your information privacy to ship the product you buy there.


If you give your email address to us, don't worried, we never spam to your email address.


We use cookies to know your ip address when you visit our website. Beside ip address, we also know how many times you come to our website. what page you are visit until you leave our website. Thill all we call non personal information.

No Guarantees

We know internet are not very safe place to browsing. therefore we do not gurantees your data will stolen by the third party. But we will maximum our secure to protect your data.

For more information about our privacy you can contact us here

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